Connecting with the church family:

We encourage you to connect with others as much as you can during this time. We are community, even from our homes!  We have a great opportunity to still have a human touch through the resources that we have available. One of those resources is our church directory. You can utilize it by calling, texting, emailing, or even mailing words of encouragement to your Church Family! 

The document is password protected to prevent contact info from being accessed by anyone that isn’t intended to have it.  The password will be sent out in an email, and you can also request it by emailing Mark at  Clicking on the link below opens it up right in your browser, from there you can download it or print it off  (it’s only 3 pages front and back). You could also right click on the link and choose “download linked file as…” to download it directly, or you can keep checking back here on the blog.

Church Directory Link

Be creative in how you utilize the directory through prayer, notes, etc.!