Prayer Resources

As we continue to pray for revival, we are pleased to offer some resources to use for strengthening of our faith and prayers. Each title is a link to the resource.

  • Glory Through Time

    Glory Through Time is a video series which gives a portrait of King Jesus, viewed through the powerful deeds He has accomplished over the last 2000 years. Doug McMurray unearths the forgotten stories of God’s transforming power throughout the ages.  In these teachings, he tells the story of the Kingdom of God as a continuing narrative—with God, not the Church, as the central figure. When we take this approach (looking at what God has done), we become deeply aware of the sovereignty of God over the nations.  We also see patterns of His interaction with us that we hadn’t noticed before.

  • Bill McLeod: Canadian Revival of the early 1970s

    Pastor Bill McLeod was powerfully used by God to be a big part of inviting God to move in power in Canada in the early 1970s. This is an 8-minute video, condensed version of Bill’s much longer explanation. But it will greatly encourage you to keep praying for revival and spiritual awakening in our day!

  • The Role Of Prayer In Spiritual Awakening by J Edwin Orr

    Drawing from his immense knowledge of the historical information on revivals, Dr. Orr carefully outlines in this video how all great spiritual awakenings began as result of Christians uniting together for prayer. In his closing remarks, he states strongly how Christians today can spark a great revival, it they promote explicit agreement and visible union of all God’s people in extraordinary prayer.