Welcome! This page is designed to help you clearly understand what we believe and teach at Gold Avenue Church. The first section, Statements of Faith & Statements Regarding Contemporary Challenges to Faith, is one that all Gold Avenue Church leaders affirm annually. Each other position statement is offered as both a teaching/discipleship tool and a clear articulation of our approach to ministry.

  • Statements of Faith & Position Statements on Challenges to Faith

    Here we share about the foundations of our faith in Jesus Christ. We reference different creeds that have been created through time to help us understand what we believe about what the Bible, the inerrant word of God, teaches us and how it admonishes us to live.

    We also share our position statements on four contemporary challenges to the Biblical orthodox Christian Faith:

    1. Statement affirming that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation
    2. Position on the Sanctity of Human Life
    3. Position on Marriage
    4. Position on Human Sexuality
  • Statement on Men and Women in Leadership

    At Gold Avenue Church, we feel very passionately about men and women in leadership not only because it has far reaching implications for our Church, and for the women and girls among us, but also because we have been so deeply blessed by the faithful leadership and gift use of women since our beginning as a mission in 1929. Throughout our history, we have a record of men and women serving together.

    We explore the Biblical basis for this, as well as looking at how we interpret scripture to come to a conclusion that is in line with the whole of scripture.

  • Statement on Jesus’ Healing Ministry

    God’s master vision for the Kingdom of God includes a restoration of all things through Jesus Christ. Even now, Jesus has begun to bring healing to all aspects of creation, and particularly to all aspects of human existence. As Jesus’ friends and co-laborers, we are ministers of His healing. Jesus manifests his healing love, compassion, and care by giving gifts of healings through the Holy Spirit, dispensed in God’s Sovereignty and timing. We explore fully what Jesus’ healing ministry looks like for us today.