What: Our shared vision at Gold Avenue Church is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform our lives, our neighborhood, and the world. Prayer Walking is one way that we engage our neighborhood and see that transformation come. We have seen much fruit as we pray for the neighborhood, pray with neighbors and share the gospel, and so much more.

Who: Prayer walking is for everyone and we encourage all ages to come! Even young children have come and we’re amazed at how they hear from the Lord, we’ve seen much fruit from their participation.

How: We practice staying in step with the Holy Spirit and welcome His leading and His spiritual gifts. So even though it is called Prayer Walking, we expect God to work in numerous and varied ways. We go out without an agenda or a script, and we start by praying together before asking for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom. We partner up, often forming pairs of people with more experience with someone with less, so that we can model and teach this approach. There are several equally valuable ways that we engage in prayer for our neighborhood, as we embody, proclaim and advance the Kingdom of God:

  • Pray at church – or from home if you can’t make it in. This is called intercession, and it may involve praying for the teams that go out, for the Lord’s guidance for them, their interactions, and so on.
  • Pray while walking around – praying and interceding for neighbors and the neighborhood, asking the Lord to guide.
  • Engage with neighbors –  saying hi to someone who is outside or knocking on a door, sharing the love of Jesus. Listening for promptings from the Holy Spirit as to how to engage and respond; perhaps they need to hear about Jesus for the first time or maybe they need encouragement or a fresh infilling from the Lord.
  • Pray in or around local businesses – blessing the places and people who are there.

Where: Gold Avenue Church sanctuary (normally) 49 Gold Ave NW

Check our Church Calendar to verify dates.

Prayer Walking at Gold Avenue Church is all about being led by the Lord each time we go out, and seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ transform us and our neighborhood. It is a place for those who participate to grow in gifts of the Spirit and evangelism, and a place of grace as we are humbly learning. We hope that as each person becomes more familiar and comfortable prayer walking, that it will become a normal and natural part of each person’s life, to the point where prayer walking occurs any time, not just when we get together as a group.

We hope you come to Prayer Walking! Please prayerfully consider if the Lord is calling you to participate. If you have any questions, please contact Mark Essenburg to find out more.