Discipleship Group Update 10.13.20

As we are in this sermon series on our sure hope, we recall Jesus command to go and make disciples. We have hope to share with the world, and so we are as a church preparing to embark on a year of discipleship. Below you can read about the progress being made on this initiative.
Discipleship Update:
  1. Progress has been made on the curriculum.
  2. Responses from facilitators and hosts were turned in.
  3. A brochure was created and you can read it below.
  4. The purpose, structure, values and goals for groups was clarified.
In the week ahead, we expect:
  1. to hear about facilitator and host availability for meeting.
  2. pair up hosts and facilitators.
  3. prepare a survey to send out next week to you about your availability to meet.
  4. to consider covid principles and guidelines for the groups.
  5. continue to pray as we navigate this new frontier and all the tasks involved.
We appreciate your ongoing prayers for a move of the Holy Spirit to mature and multiply disciples!
Here is a brochure that gives an overview of what the Discipleship Groups will be all about: A Year of Discipleship Brochure