Learn to Cooperate with the Holy Spirit!

Empowered for Witness 102: In the Spirit’s Power will be held at Gold Avenue Church over six Thursdays evenings, from April 21 – May 26, 2022. This six week course will focus on learning about and growing in welcoming the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God. Each session will include both teaching and practice in a safe and discerning community. Go to empoweredforwitness.org and scroll down to “Register for EFW 102,” to reserve your spot.

In addition, the content of EFW 101: Gateways to Empowered Ministry, which lays a biblical and theological foundation for understanding the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit, is available for study at empoweredforwitness.org. We recommend that you complete all sessions of EFW 101 before attending EFW 102 (though it’s not a requirement).

We look forward to seeing you at Empowered for Witness!

We are so excited to be going out Prayer Walking again and we hope that you will join us! Check out below for the details.

When: See Prayer Walking Calendar: Prayer Walking Calendar

Where: Gold Avenue Church sanctuary

What: Our shared vision at Gold Avenue Church is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform our lives, our neighborhood, and the world. Prayer Walking is one way that we engage our neighborhood and see that transformation come. We’ve been going out and prayer walking regularly in our neighborhood for quite a number of years and have seen much fruit as we pray for the neighborhood, interact and pray with neighbors, and so much more.

Who: We would like to invite everyone to participate in prayer walking, as now is a time when our neighborhood and world need prayer more than ever! Prayer walking is for everyone and we encourage everyone to come! Even young children have come and sometimes we’re surprised at how they hear from the Lord, and we’ve seen much fruit from their participation.

How: We practice staying in step with the Holy Spirit and welcome His leading and His gifts. So even though it is called Prayer Walking, we expect God to work in numerous and varied ways. We go out without an agenda or a script, and we start by praying together before asking for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom. We partner up, often forming pairs of people with more experience with someone with less, so that we can model and teach this approach. There are several different ways that you might engage in prayer for our neighborhood, and it’s all about following the Lord’s leading in each moment. Depending on that, you might do one or a combo of the following, knowing that they are all equally valuable as we embody, proclaim and advance the Kingdom of God:

  • You may pray from home if you’re not able to come, or come to church and stay in and pray. This is called intercession, and it may involve praying for the teams that go out, for the Lord’s guidance for them, their interactions, and so on.
  • You may walk around, praying and interceding for neighbors and the neighborhood, asking the Lord to guide you and your prayers.
  • You may be led to talk to someone who is outside or to knock on a door, getting to know them, listening to them with care and sharing the love of Jesus with them. While you are talking with them you’ll be listening for promptings from the Holy Spirit as to how to engage and respond; perhaps they need to hear about Jesus for the first time or maybe they need encouragement or a fresh infilling from the Lord.
  • You may be led to go into a local business, market or coffee shop, and ask the Lord if there is anyone there He’d like you to talk to and pray with.

Prayer Walking at Gold Avenue Church is all about being led by the Lord each time we go out, and seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ transform us and our neighborhood. It is a place for those who participate to grow in gifts of the Spirit, and a place of grace as we are humbly learning. We hope that as each person becomes more familiar and comfortable prayer walking, that it will become a normal and natural part of each person’s life, to the point where prayer walking occurs any time, not just when we get together as a group.

We hope to see you here on Saturday. Please prayerfully consider if the Lord is calling you to participate. If you have any questions, please contact Mark Essenburg to find out more.