Deacons Update – Creatively Serving

The Gold Avenue Church deacons have been asking the Lord for creative ways to serve our church and neighborhood during this challenging time.  An opportunity recently came through a connection at our local grocery store – Bridge Street Market.  The Market generously offered to let the deacons purchase food vouchers at a reduced price, so that they can be given to those who are in need of assistance with buying food.

To extend the outreach of this great way to serve, the deacons contacted a local ministry partner, Bridge Street Ministries.  Their ministry efforts have shifted recently to helping those who have been hit the hardest by the economic impact of the current crisis.  The deacons donated many of the food vouchers to them so they can be used to help our neighbors.  It’s exciting to see how the Lord gave the guidance and then brought about the opportunities and we anticipate the fruit He will bring through this act of obedience.

The food vouchers can be used to purchase produce or meat.  If you or anyone you know would be blessed to receive help through these vouchers, please contact the deacons through the church office using the contact info below.  Make sure to give your/their contact info and presenting the need.  You can also refer people to the deacons if they’d like to initiate the contact. The Deacon team will receive requests and work with each person/family to ensure that appropriate help is given. What a privilege it is to serve our church family and our neighborhood as the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus!

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