Equipping Corner- How’s Your Soul?

During the Stay-At-Home season that we’re currently in, the Gold Avenue Church pastors and leadership have been seeking the Lord on what this season looks like for us as a church congregation.  The weekly sermons, ongoing communication, and these Equipping Corner pieces are just some of the ways that we can engage with one another and the Lord.


In this video of the Equipping Corner, Pastor Gina digs into our response to lament with some suggestions for checking in with “How is your soul?” during this season.  As we learn more about lament, sometimes it is beneficial to hear what practices other people have found helpful.  In this video, Pastor Gina shares two prayer practices she has used.

We hope you will try out these practical prayer suggestions.  As mentioned on Sunday in the At Home Liturgy and sermon audio, if you would like to talk with someone, we are here for you!  Pastor Jaleesa would welcome your call, email or text.  We also have prayer appointments starting to happen over Zoom, so if you feel stuck, please reach out.