Do you or anyone you know ever like to drink coffee or tea? We have the perfect gift available for you this holiday season! We designed and ordered some mugs so that we can give them as gifts to our visitors, and we wanted to make them available to our whole church family too! What better way to remind you and others of our shared vision, which is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform our lives, our neighborhood, and the world. You can easily be the proud owner of one of these mugs, here is a picture showing what they look like from both sides.

Mugs are available for purchase for only $10, which helps pay for the mugs we will give for free to our guests. Mugs can be bought at church through Mark Essenburg, you can call, text or email and we can arrange a pickup, or I might be able to drop it off if you live close by. You can pay in cash or a few other select electronic methods.

Alternatively, when Discipleship Groups are meeting at church, you can pick one up at the welcome center, you can put your money in the black box and get a new mug from behind the desk.

We hope that you enjoy your mug and that you have a warm holiday season, surrounded by the joy that comes from knowing Jesus!

Hi Church Family from your Deacon Team! We wanted to let you know that despite not being in the church building on Sundays, we are still here and willing to help. Our role in the church is to offer resources to church members and, by extension, to our Gold Avenue Church neighborhood. We’d love to talk with you about how you are doing and to find out if there’s anything we can do to help with any physical needs you might have. 


With the economic downturn and general uncertainty that we are currently living in, we anticipate that there may be more financial struggles than usual. We want you to know that we’re here to help.  There are several ways of getting in contact with us. You can contact the church directly by email or phone (at the end of this post), or you can fill out the form LINKED HERE. In addition, if you have neighbors or people you know of within our community that are struggling, we invite you to refer them to the deacon team using one of the methods of contact. Make sure to include their contact info and as much information as possible.  We ask you to pray and discern if this next step is necessary for anyone, and invite as the Lord leads, as this is a time when we can all be the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors. 


In addition, we would like to connect you to a list of resources LINKED HERE. This resource list will be updated as events unfold in the next months for people who live in and around the West Side of Grand Rapids. Any suggestions for what could be added to this can also be sent to the church office using the contact information below. 


FInally, we want you all to know that we are praying for each and every one of you. We are living in strange times, but we are so thankful for the hope of Christ that cannot be taken from us. As well, our work is funded by the Benevolence fund, to which many of you sow into on a regular basis, thank you so much for continuing to express your generosity and helping us care for our brothers and sisters in Christ!


Church Contact Information:



Connecting with the church family:

We encourage you to connect with others as much as you can during this time. We are community, even from our homes!  We have a great opportunity to still have a human touch through the resources that we have available. One of those resources is our church directory. You can utilize it by calling, texting, emailing, or even mailing words of encouragement to your Church Family! 

The directory is password protected to prevent contact info from being accessed by anyone that isn’t intended to have it.  The user name and password are sent out each week in our weekly update email, and you can also request it by emailing Mark at

Church Directory Link

Be creative in how you utilize the directory through prayer, notes, etc.!

We invite you to continue to give during this time of building closures and social distancing.  Ministry at Gold Avenue Church continues to take place and in fact things have ramped up since social distancing policies have been enacted.  The church staff and council are diligently at work staying in step with the Holy Spirit to care for and communicate well with our church family and beyond during this time of increased needs.  Your generous gifts enable us to continue this work and to continue sharing the love of Jesus with our family, our neighborhood and the world.

We have many ways to give which are all secure, your gifts will be received and recorded for tax purposes.

Online Direct: Give securely and directly through this link, the default fund is general fund, you can choose others in the drop down menu:

Text:  send amount (number only, no extra symbols) to (616) 319-2259 and follow prompts to give securely (link to help and additional text commands: Breeze Help)  Additionally, different funds can be given to by adding a space and then a keyword as shown below.

  1. No keyword (number only with no words) to give directly to General Fund
  2. “benevolence” to give to Benevolence (Deacons fund)
  3. “van” to give to Van Fund
  4. “special” to give to other designated Special Offering
  5. “empowered” to give to Empowered for Witness (EFW)
  6. “outreach” to give to Urban Missionary Mark Essenburg
  7. “discipleship” to give to Urban Missionary Stephanie McClain
  8. “care” to give to Urban Missionary Jaleesa Stanford
  9. “mission” to give to Missions Fund


Check: Make checks out to “Gold Avenue Church” and mail to: Gold Avenue Church, 49 Gold Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Cash: Give in person (when available) at church (no fees incurred).

Online bill pay through your bank – ask for more info on how to set up .

Fees the church pays to use these services:

Online & Text: 2.9% + $0.30/transaction for Credit/Debit Card payments or 1% + $0.25/transaction for ACH payments.

PayPal: 2.2% + $0.30/transaction for Credit/Debit Card payments.

Check, Cash, Online Bill Pay: No fees!

Thank you for your generosity in giving!