Children’s Worship 4.12.20


Dear Parents,

Here we are again, ready to worship with you and your children on this special Sunday! Today we celebrate Easter and new life in Christ! We pray this will be a blessed day of praising and giving thanks to Jesus! Begin with this special greeting for this special day. 

Greeting:  The Lord is with you!

Response:  And also with you!



Activity One: There are three videos this week! The first video is a puppet show starring the Houtstra family. The puppets remind us of how we can have new life in Jesus. The second video features the Essenburg family and tells the Resurrection story, and the third video is an object lesson that ties it all together. 

Activity Two: Discuss the story using provided questions as prompts

Worship:  Sing together

Activity Three:  Respond to the story by doing an art or serve project. Pray together.

Activity Four:  Bless your children 

Activity 1: STORY

(Optional Review) 

Last week we learned about how God’s Son, Jesus, rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was adored by many who waved their palm branches and shouted Hosanna! Then the crowd turned on Him when they realized He was not going to be their earthly king and save them from their oppressors. But we know that Jesus came to be our King and Savior, the King of our lives and our Savior from sin. 

Watch the Easter puppet show video.

Watch the Easter story video.

Tie it all together with the Object Lesson video.

Activity 2: DISCUSSION

I wonder what the ladies talked about on the way to the tomb?

I wonder how Jesus could come alive?

I wonder why Mary was so sad?

I wonder how Jesus gives us new life?

These questions can easily extend into the rest of the week. Look for opportunities to bring conversations about how God Saves into your everyday life as a family.

Today’s Worship Songs:  

One, Two, Three  

Lord, I Lift Your Name on High 



Response #1

In today’s part of The Big God Story, God saved His people by sending Jesus to die on the cross and rise again and give us new life. How can we thank and praise Him for this?  Can we find ways to show God how much we love him? What can we do? Brainstorm with your child(ren) ways we can thank and praise God. Suggest drawing a picture or writing a few words. Take a look at last week’s response activity and try that if you haven’t done it already.

Last week’s response activity:  Use a permanent marker to write “What needs to be done?” across the top of a piece of paper. Tape this to a wall. Print out the People, Heart, and Tree templates onto colored card stock and cut them out. You’ll want one of each shape per child.

Download and print the templates here: People, Heart, Tree (right click and select “download linked file”)

Jesus is our King and Savior. His greatest act of serving was to give up His life on the cross and die so we could have new life and be with Him forever. He invites us to serve others too. What does it mean to serve? Pause for responses. When we serve someone, it means we’re putting what we want aside and helping someone else. What are some ways you can serve God this week? Interact with responses. Those are great thoughts! We can serve another person, like a family member or someone in your neighborhood. Show the person shape. We can tell others about God’s love. Show the heart shape. We can serve God by caring for the animals and the world He created. Show the tree shape.

Let’s all spend a few moments asking God what needs to be done and listening to what He says. Invite children to spend a few moments praying silently, asking God how they can serve Him this week. Then, children can select a shape that best fits how they want to respond to God. Give children time to write or draw on the shape and attach it to the poster board using a glue dot. Let children know they can also leave the shape blank, if they prefer. 

Close by praying that God would help your children serve in their families, communities, and world this week.


Response #2

If you’d like to make an empty tomb craft here’s an idea.

Make a picture showing Jesus’ empty tomb! Draw two half circles (one small and one large, make the small one black or a dark color) for the tomb. Draw a circle for the stone that was rolled away. Let your little one cut out the pieces. Glue the tomb onto construction paper and attach the stone with a brad. Write a message on the paper maybe one of praise or thanks to God.


Also, here is an Easter Sunday page to color:


A blessing to pray over your child(ren):

“Children, may you always remember the power of the Easter story and how Jesus brings us new life!”

Pray with your kids, asking them if they have any prayer requests and encouraging them to pray for others.  Have a blessed week and Happy Easter!

Note: Please let us know about how your family is enjoying Children’s Worship! Take some pictures of your family participating in Children’s Worship or share a story, and you could be featured at the top of our next lesson! You can post to the Gold Avenue Church Facebook page or send by email at