Children’s Worship 6.21.20

Dear Parents,

Thanks for joining us again as we do Children’s Worship from home!  Today we are reminded that as Gods’ children we’re a part of a bigger family: God’s family! God wants everyone to be part of His family. When we choose to trust and obey Jesus, we become part of God’s family. The video today shows an overview of the entire gospel message. This is a great opportunity to discern and pray about sharing an invitation for your child to believe in Jesus. 


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Activity One: Watch the video

Activity Two: Discuss the story using provided questions as prompts

Worship: Sing 

Activity Three:  Respond to the story by doing the activity(s). Pray together.

Activity Four:  Bless your children 


Offers perspective and context to the lesson’s Bible passage

Throughout The Big God Story, God entered into covenants with mankind in order to establish relationships with people and to reveal His plans for dealing with humanity’s sin by sending a Redeemer. The four main (redemptive) covenants are the Abrahamic (Genesis 12; 13; 15; 17; 18; 22), Mosaic (Leviticus 26), Davidic (2 Samuel 7; 1 Chronicles 17), and New Covenants (Luke 22:18–20; Revelation 21:1–7).

In the Abrahamic Covenant, God promised blessing to the world (the promise of a Redeemer) and chose Israel to be the channel of that blessing. God then gave the terms by which His people, Israel, would be able to experience that blessing: through obedience to the Mosaic Covenant. Later, God clarified this initial promise made to Abraham by giving the Davidic Covenant. The Davidic Covenant gave people a better, fuller understanding of what the coming king (Messiah) would be like.

Through the prophets, God promised a New Covenant that would once and for all take care of the problem of sin. Through the New Covenant, God would enable His people to obey His Law through the inner promptings of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

When Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, this marked the climax of The Big God Story. The cross is the embodiment of the blessing God promised to Israel—to bless them and to bless the world through them. Jesus is the promise. He is the promise God gave to Adam and Eve in the garden (Genesis 3:15). He is the promise God gave to Abraham and the prophets through the covenants. When we proclaim, “Jesus is alive,” we are seeing the fulfillment of thousands of years of promise.

Activity 1: STORY  

Activity 2: DISCUSSION

Today we heard how Jesus died for us and rose from the grave! He is alive! Because of Jesus, we get to be with God forever and ever. He wants us to be a part of The Big God Story.


  • I wonder … What are some of the parts of God’s Story that we heard today? Can you remember any of them in order?
  • I wonder … What would it have been like to be waiting and waiting for Jesus to come?
  • I wonder … How does it feel to know that God made this whole plan so I can know Him and be with Him?


Worship Songs: 




  • Scrap paper (various colors and textures)
  • Basket or bin
  • Optional: drop cloth (or bed sheet), masking tape

We’re going to celebrate something today. Can anyone guess what it is? Allow children to share ideas. Good thoughts! We’ll have to wait and see why we’re celebrating. But right now, let’s start by making some confetti. It’s made of small pieces of paper. We’ll use the confetti a bit later as we celebrate together!

Explain that children can tear the paper any way they like, but they should be fairly small pieces. The confetti should be placed in your basket or bin. While children work, take this opportunity to connect with them through conversation. 

Today in The Big God Story we heard that Jesus died for us, but He came back to life! Because of Jesus, we can be with God forever and ever. He wants us to be part of The Big God Story.How do you feel when you hear that Jesus is alive? How do you feel when you hear that He made the way for you to be with God forever and ever? Interact with kids and their responses.

As part of celebrating that Jesus is alive, kids will have the chance to dance, sing, and make a mess. Today we heard how Jesus died, rose from the grave, and came back to life. Jesus is alive! That sure makes me happy! How about you? Now that we’re done making our confetti, let’s use it to celebrate! Now is our chance to celebrate that Jesus is alive! Turn on some fun praise music, throw confetti, jump and dance to the music, and praise God that he is alive and wants them to be a part of his Story!




(Child’s name), may you always remember that you’re deeply loved by the God who was, and is, and is to come. He will live forever!

Then close your time by speaking the following blessing over the children as a group.

Children, Jesus lives! He will be alive forever and He gives us life!