Children’s Worship 02.07.21

Dear Parents,

Thanks for joining us again as we do Children’s Worship from home!  

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Which Soil Are You

Based on: Matthew 13:1-23

Galatians 5:22-23


Activity One:  Read the intro. Watch the video.

Activity Two: Discuss the story using provided questions as prompts. Prayer.

Worship: Singing 

Activity Three:  Respond to the story by doing the activity. 

Activity Four:  Bless your children 



(It’s not an activity, but just a little background on the story for you, the parent, to read.) 


My fig tree grew beautiful leaves and put out fig buds this year. But not a single ripe fig came off that tree! It reminded me (uncomfortably) of myself: It’s easy to hang out with Christians and look like I’m about to make some fruit, but never produce any fruit! My purpose as a follower of God, however,  is not just to look good or appear to have potential. My purpose is to grow good fruit!


I’m so glad that MY part is to keep on living and growing, rooted in God. I can’t control what goes on around me, but I can stay rooted in God’s Word. I can look for what Jesus has planned for me, obey Him and then trust Him for the rest! HE nourishes me and tends me. If I am rooted, He will grow fruit—even in me!


Jesus told the story about the sower to describe what the results of the presence of the gospel of Christ in the world will be until the time of His return. Different people will respond to the gospel in very different ways. While there will be hard hearts, there will also be a fruitful harvest. Jesus, God’s Son, has given us everything we need to live and grow good fruit.


Mary Davis

Senior Editor (this curriculum) 


Activity 1:  STORY


Introduction:To read the children: 


  • What kind of fruit is your favorite?
  • The Bible says that we can grow good fruit in our lives. That doesn’t mean we are going to grow real roots or fruit. The good fruit the Bible talks about are the things we do when we pay attention to God’s Word.
  • Today we are going to talk about growing good fruit.


Whenever people heard that Jesus was coming, they crowded around to see Him and to listen to what He had to say! One day, there were so many people around Him on the shore of a lake that Jesus got onto a boat to teach. He told a special story, we call a parable, about a farmer, also called the sower, who was planting seeds. Let’s hear that story, too!


Watch the video:


Activity 2:  DISCUSSION


At the end of the story about the sower, Jesus told about the different ways people are like the different soils and how they treat God’s Word. We can choose if we will be like hard, rocky, weedy or good soil. One day, Jesus will come back to be our King. Until then, He wants us to obey His Word and follow Him. As God’s Son, Jesus gives us everything we need to grow good fruit in our lives.


  • What is a parable? (A story that Jesus told.)
  • What were the four kinds of soil told in the parable of the sower? (Hard, rocky ground, weedy and good.)
  • What does it mean if someone is like hard or rocky soil? (They aren’t really listening to what the Bible says.)
  • What does being like good soil mean? (Being ready to hear and read the Bible. Looking for ways to do what the Bible says.)


When we listen and obey God’s Word, we are like the good soil. We are ready to grow good fruit. Growing good fruit means we show that we love God and others. When we let God’s Word take root in our lives, we will produce good fruit!


How has someone you know shown a fruit of the Spirit described in Galatians 5:22-23?


22 But the fruitu of the Spirit is love,v joy, peace,w patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control.x 

How have you shown a fruit of the Spirit to someone?  Let’s pray and ask God to help us show the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.


Encourage children to pray for these things with their own words. Then, transition into a time of prayer for personal requests.


Worship Songs:







Sowing Seeds Bible Game


In this Parable of the Sower Bible Game, children sow seeds and get points for the seeds that land on good soil. This is a great reinforcing activity for The Parable of the Sower Bible Lesson.

You Will Need

  • Sowing Seeds Game Board (See Download Below).
  • You will need about 40 seeds (dried beans work well)
  • Cup
  • Blindfold


Place the game board on a table. The first player places the seeds in his cup. Put the blindfold on them. Spin them around a couple of times then stop them in front of the board. Position their hand that is holding the cup over the game board. The player then scatters his seeds by turning over the cup and letting the seeds fall on the board. The player gets one point for every seed that lands on good soil. Each player takes a turn. The player with the most points wins.

Download Game Board. CGC_Farmer_and_Seeds_Template



Response Activity #2     

Print and Color



God’s Word helps us in so many ways! Every day we can be ready to read it, think about it and do what it says. That’s how we let it take root in our lives and how we grow good fruit!


(______________), May you always let the Word of God grow in you and produce good fruit in 


your life, now when you are young, and later when you are older.,