Children’s Worship 01.10.21

Dear Parents,


Thanks for joining us again as we do Children’s Worship from home!  


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John the Baptist

Based on: Matthew 3:1-17


Activity One:  Read the intro. Watch the video.

Activity Two: Discuss the story using provided questions as prompts.

Worship: Singing 

Activity Three:  Respond to the story by doing the activity. 

Activity Four:  Bless your children 



(It’s not an activity, but just a little background on the story for you, the parent, to read.) 


Matthew 3 tells of Jesus’ ministry debut. John announced that the King, the One God’s people had been waiting for, was on the way. It was time to prepare for His coming by repenting, or turning from sin and doing what was right. It is the same for us today! When we repent of our sin and begin to do what is right, we welcome Jesus as our King. And continuing to obey Him is the sign of a true follower of Jesus the King.


Activity 1:  STORY


Introduction to read to the children

  • When you have free time, what do you like to do?
  • What are some other things that kids your age like to spend their time doing?
  • Today we are going to talk about how the things we do, say and think can show our love for God.

Long before Jesus was born, God promised His people that someday He would send a Savior to show God’s love and take the punishment for people’s sins.

Many years later, God sent a message about this Savior to a priest, or leader in the Temple, named Zechariah. The angel said that Zechariah would have a son named John who would tell people about the Savior God had promised to send.


Just as the angel had said, Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth, did have a son. They named him John. When John grew up, he lived in the desert near the Jordan River. What do you think might be hard about living in the desert?


The time came when God let him know it was time to do what he was born to do. That’s when John began to preach in the desert. 


Watch the video:


Activity 2:  DISCUSSION


What do you think the people at the river that day said when they saw and heard what happened? How exciting it would have been! God’s voice declared that His promised Son had come!


John may have looked different and eaten strange foods, but God used him to be the one to get people ready for Jesus. When we hear stories about Jesus, we can remember that He was glad to follow God and do what God wanted Him to do. We can follow God, too, in the things we do, say and think.


Wonder Questions:


  • What was something unusual about John? What did he like to eat?
  • What did John want people to know? (To change their hearts and lives because Jesus was coming soon.)
  • Why do you think Jesus wanted to obey God? (He wanted to follow God. He knew God’s ways are the best ways.)


Jesus is the Savior the people had been waiting for. To prepare for Jesus’ coming, John told the people that they needed to stop doing wrong and start doing what was right. When we believe that Jesus is the Savior, stop doing wrong and start doing what is right, we show that we love God.


After discussing the Wonder Questions, you’ll have the opportunity to pray with and for each of the children.


What is something you can do this week to show your love for God? (Help my little sister or brother. Talk to Him. Help carry in the groceries. Obey mom and dad.) Let’s pray about that right now.


Encourage children to respond with their own words. Then, transition into a time of prayer for personal requests.


Worship Song:



Activity 3: RESPONSE


ACTIVITY #1  Make a grasshopper craft

Needed: Clip clothespin

Green marker

Green pipe cleaners

Googly eyes

Glue (hot glue would be best)


Directions:  Color clothespin with green marker. Bend the legs and attach to the clothespin. Glue on the googly eyes and antennae.

Response Activity #2      Print and Color



May you always remember to show your love for God in what you do, say and think.