PRMI Prayer Event Recap

Gold Avenue Church Family, thank you for praying for the recent prayer event sponsored by PRMI in North Carolina.  Several from our church were able to participate in person or remotely: Neil and Annah Blake, Mary Swierenga, Nancy VanNoord, along with Pastor Dave and myself (Pastor Gina).  This event was so timely for us as a church, as we have recently reviewed prophetic words spoken several years ago about Gold Avenue Church being a place of revival and sparking revival, as we have spent the last year being better equipped to all make disciples, and have continued to pray for revival and are now consecrating ourselves for God’s kingdom purposes, individually and as a church.

We have been expecting a mighty move of the Holy Spirit.  This is why it seemed important to participate in the North Carolina event, designed as three days of worship and prayer that might provide a pattern for future prayer events around the world.  We focused our prayer on three essentials for ushering in revival and the Next Great Awakening, as identified by evangelist R.A. Torrey.  We spent one day focused on each of these 3 essentials: EvangelismEmpowerment with the Holy Spirit (Baptism of the Holy Spirit), and Spirit-led Prayer.  Torrey noticed that prayer would often give people such love for the world, that they would often be drawn into proclaiming the gospel (evangelism), however for that to be effective and sustained, every person needed the empowering work and gifts of the Holy Spirit to effectively witness to the gospel.  Thus, each essential is necessary and interdependent, and creates together an “altar” on which the Holy Spirit will send his manifest presence and power.  This is in fact what happened as we met in North Carolina with approximately 50 people in person and another 30+people online.
Pastor Dave helped serve on the leadership team for the event (see photo) and was used mightily.  Several highlights from this event include:
  • a time for personal surrender to be used in evangelism,
  • the entire group hearing about and praying for the Gospel Tool curriculum developed at Gold Avenue Church and how it could be used by churches who will need to disciple new converts,
  • a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit which brought refreshing, callings, and the impartation of many gifts such as supernatural faith, healing, and miracles,
  • an incredible time of sharing God’s heart and grief over the world, and intense times of prayer for millennials and the younger generations, lifting them up in travailing prayer.
As we return, we continue to pray for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Gold Avenue Church, and the many other churches from around the world that participated.  If you would like to grow in prayer and have a heart for revival, Mary Swierenga and Nancy VanNoord would love to hear from you! You can email either one of them by clicking on their names. God has marvelous plans for our church, the West Side and beyond.
The world is desperate for hope, and we believe as the Holy Spirit is once again poured out afresh on the church, we will cooperate in ushering in God’s Kingdom plans for this hour, all for His glory!